Case Study

Reinventing Rotorua

Helping to pitch for the Destination Rotorua contract was initially a campaign proposition but upon seeing our creative approach rapidly transformed into a design presentation pitch-off with the client’s incumbent agency. The client loved our approach so much that the contract was successfully awarded, all as a direct result of the creative designs and ideas we developed.

The contract investment was in the millions of dollars and involved a complete redevelopment of the Rotorua brand. Retaining the words “Famously Rotorua” (It was already well established in the market) a new logo with meaning was designed and a fresh, new modern art direction developed giving birth to the new Famously Rotorua brand. Guidelines were compiled, photography styles were re-imagined along with the image library, corporate collateral, signage, video, radio, print and digital advertising. The complete package.

A new overarching campaign was designed enveloping the essence of Rotorua. Filming along with drone and photography stills took place on location in Rotorua over five days centralising on hidden gems and activities broken down into core audience pillars, spanning across the seasons. Social influences were brought in to create specialist content for Rotorua’s online channels and also to help push the brand across the influencers own audiences. A new suite of award nominated radio adverts were developed that pushed the boundaries by submersing the audience in a Rotorua soundscape experience. The New Zealand Herald sent down travel writers to experience the wonders of Rotorua and to create newspaper and digital content. This entire campaign was supported by new print and digital advertising all wrapped around a new style of copy writing.

The Rotorua Council love the creative so much they plan on launching the brand into Rotorua airport in the near future. Meaning the first thing visitors will be greeted with upon arrival is the fresh new Famously Rotorua logo and brand. What started out as a local brand for national advertising of Rotorua is now being rolled out internationally meaning an audience of millions more seeing our creative ideas.