Analytics & Data


Analytics isn’t something we dabble in. Not something Account Service does part time. We have a dedicated team of analysts focused on the best way possible to spend your marketing dollars. We track every result imaginable. We develop holistic, proprietary reports on what’s working, what didn’t (hey, it happens), and how to make it all work better. In short, the Analytics team is an integrated part of each campaign, combining hindsight with insight for the clearest possible foresight.

Analytical Services Include:

  • Campaign Performance Tracking
  • Custom Analytics Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Website Analytics
  • Email Analytics
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Ad Testing


Data is the places you go, the things you do, when, why, and how you do them.

At adFORT we’re passionate about leveraging the power of data to fuel ideas, drive decisions, and ultimately deliver measurable results for our clients. Benefiting from our fully integrated model we’re uniquely positioned to put data front and center from the very start; from strategy development and creative ideation, to media optimization, CX design, and CRM.

With dedicated in-house platforms, analytics and systems specialists, and backing from adFORT's expertise, we find a way to extract value from data to deliver the behaviour change a business needs.

Other Services:

Drone Filming & Photography

Our video production services are designed to capture every angle and with our aerial team we can obtain some incredible shots in ultra high definition. We are able to create online videos or full certified TV commercials.

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Digital Marketing Optimization

We can increase ROI by +10%

Our technology focus utilizes advanced AI principles to optimize advertising performance while maintaining brand safety.

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