We can increase ROI by +10%

Our technology focus utilizes advanced AI principles to optimize advertising performance while maintaining brand safety:

  • We are agile
  • We optimize to our customers end goal metric (e.g. installs, acquisitions, action, consideration, brand safety, etc)
  • We deliver a minimum 10% cost optimization through our technology, data, and creative optimization

Credible Success

Our team includes ex-Googlers that have managed over $1 Billion in advertising budgets for the largest brands in the world. We not only understand the needs, but also the pains of running a well optimized brand campaign. We take pride in delivering targeted audiences while maintaining ROI and brand safety for our clients all over the world.


Optimization is done at an ad unit level, thus maximizing your campaigns ROI

Brand Safety

Protection from offensive content and fraudulent traffic is built into our engine, thus giving you peace of mind


Detailed and insightful reports to make you a rock star!

We optimize for all digital media formats including search, social, and display advertising

Our Secret

We use advance artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to connect your marketing goals to reality

Placing AI First

Our data Machine Learning Algorithms take advantage of the Past performance data. With the algorithms in place our technology helps us predict future outcomes

Using the Audience Data

Partnership with different DMPs in various markets (Lotame, Eyeota, Oracle)

Leveraging DSP & SSP

With our direct inventory sources plugged into different DSPs allow us to leverage the partnerships and first view of the inventory making us Unrivalled in market


Programmatic: AI + DMP + DSP + SSP + 100% data layered inventory.

Machine Learning: 99% Confidence Level Prediction Analysis.

Premium exclusive inventory.


1st hand user behaviour data (Age, Gender, Location, Profession, House Owner, Interests, Behavioral).

1.22 bn unique users.

100% transparency and viewability on each imp/click.

GDPR, Data Privacy Compliant.

Recommendation report based on statistical significance.

Direct publisher relationship and contracts

We deliver performance:

Media Execution

Total control & transparency over your campaign powered by AI

Data Enablement

We use a deep machine learning engine that predicts output with a 99% confidence level

Creative Optimization

Map & understand your customers’ end to end journey through metrics

Other Services:

Drone Filming & Photography

Our video production services are designed to capture every angle and with our aerial team we can obtain some incredible shots in ultra high definition. We are able to create online videos or full certified TV commercials.

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We build websites from scratch. Our experts will build your site from start to finish. So you get a website that’s unique to your business and requirements. It’s a capability that truly sets us apart.

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