Case Study

Mitsubishi Triton

Auckland’s largest Mitsubishi dealership, Andrew Simms, were hungry for some local looking content on a special vehicle package they were assembling, something a little different to separate them from the other dealerships.

The problem? They receive the same standard advertising collateral from the international manufacturers that all the dealerships get. Meaning their go-to-market campaigns all look the same.

After meeting with the client the keys to a brand new Mitsubishi Triton were handed over for three days in an experiment to see what could be produced within a week. With a little planning, a rough storyboard, three shoot locations across Auckland, two sunrises, one sunset and one week to deliver, this is the final product. A 30 second social media video starring iconic New Zealand scenery and highlighting key features of the Mitsubishi Triton with a Sports Pack.

A truly dynamic and agile approach had to be implemented in order to pull this off successfully. Any major creative agency would have involved a crew of many, having multiple internal and client meetings, filming over weeks, resulting in months to deliver and billing charges well in excess of $100,000. Using our approach we achieved this within six days involving a crew of two people, two days of filming and 24 hours of post-production. Proving this to be a fantastic valued solution at a minuscule fraction of traditional costs and ultimately saving our client a small fortune while still delivering a quality product. All in a week’s work!